Did you know that 70% of Canadian high school students say that they don't receive up to date information on career pathways and job opportunities from their school?

Many youth feel unequipped to make the "right" career decisions, causing stress and frustration.

We help youth to better understand and prepare for the world of work by creating learning opportunities with local employers and industry professionals.

How do these learning experiences impact youth? By harnessing the resource of our local business community, our programs:

Inform: their understanding of career options and pathways


Inspire: their imagination and confidence in what's possible


Influence: their attitudes towards work - and therefore their actions






When youth can access the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to be successful in their future careers, we build a stronger local workforce, community, and economy.

Over 10,000 youth participate in our Programs every year. For more information, check out our most recent Impact Report or one of our  testimonials from local educators and volunteers.