Speakers Bureau


A good guest speaker can help teachers shed the light on career options for their students. However, it can be time consuming to find and coordinate good quality speakers representing a range of occupations or industries.  


The Speakers Bureau was started in 2002 to fill this need. It is a free service connecting Waterloo Region teachers to career talks from hundreds of local professionals.  


Since 2002, over 100,000 Waterloo Region students have participated in presentations delivered through the Speakers Bureau. 


"I love that the BEP connects our classroom to the community through the Speakers Bureau. Students are excited when they can ask questions of experts from the "real world." Teachers benefit from up-to-date information about a wide variety of sectors."

- Jenn Clarke, Teacher, Eastwood Collegiate Institute


Teachers interested in requesting a speaker can register HERE

There are three formats: 


Format Description  Audience   Approximate  Timing  Minimum  Size
Individual Presentation


Students hear from one industry professional


1 hour 20 students
Guess My Career


Students ask "yes or no" questions in order to guess the presenters careers. This is followed by followed by brief career talks from each presenter


1.5 hours 50 students
Career Carousel


Students rotate through four 20 minute career talks


1.5 hours 100 students


Volunteers signed up for the Speakers Bureau receive training and periodic speaking requests via local teachers, which they can accept or
decline as their schedule allows. Community members interested in becoming a speaker can register HERE


For more information, please contact